Liberation Media Northwest is an online multimedia platform founded by prisoners, for prisoners and prisoner allies. We are a network of individuals and groups both inside and outside of prison walls - centering and uplifting voices of prisoners first. We operate as a non-profit organization.


We aspire to create change through educating the masses and collaborating with social justice activists towards the goal of abolition of penal systems and creative development of transformative justice practices.


We enact this goal by providing a platform for prisoner expression through written word, lectures, podcasts, art and other media, providing educational resources, and organizing around enacting legislative change that has real and tangible impact on the lives of prisoners and those most impacted by the police state. 

Our Mission


1. To provide an online multimedia hub for incarcerated people to share their thoughts and work as public speakers, journalists, educators, community organizers, activists and artists.


2. To provide a platform for social justice activists to host panel discussions, webinars and interviews that can be shared and distributed for the purposes of community education and calls to action.


3. To provide high impact activism avenues through creating access to resources regarding legislative information, political education and mutual aid for prisoners and prisoner advocacy groups.


Our Purpose


Our purpose is to amplify and broadcast the voices of prisoners and associated allies while protecting their rights to free press in expressing political views. We also exist to provide material and educational resources to incarcerated comrades.


We encourage new and existing comrades in and outside of prison to participate in the political process through education and extending invitations to engage in action. Together, we intend to influence change in legislation towards better quality of life for prisoners until ultimate abolition of the carceral system can be achieved.