April 29th, 2022  | Cory Lewis

they wish to end us
kill the father sedate the mother
feed the children to the system
your'e in the belly
of the mega machine
die and your soul lands in the meta verse
a virtual catastrophe on a reality headset
holographic breakfast rich in no nutrients
the educational translation is programming
critical thought won't be taught
can't raise a generation to defy capitalism
special education, medication for those who won't conform or listen
next stop jail or prison
burst the pipeline
fascism is alive
racism is alive
sexism is alive
the caste system is alive
hate is alive
CNN fox news is a lie
any alternative to truth
is always a lie
love and you'll heal
love and you'll fight
stand for what's right
study take action
theory into practice
grow carrots grow cabbage
no more filler embrace the organic
ego death now
take off the mask
share your true self
community is true wealth