May 8th, 2022  | Cory Lewis

once I was told that I write poetic
what bothered me about that statement
was the fact that I thought that I was
being direct
to the point
can't remember about what
but there was no poetry to it
I write what I feel
and what comes out what comes out
my only question is
was there understanding
or was this individual
trying to shoot a slight
and undermine trivialize
my thoughts
I had to teach myself
about moving from abstract
to practical pragmatic thought and action
so many barriers
and blockages
that I didn't know were
until I overcame them
so many small but significant
internal battles that have been won
that no one will know or appreciate
unless they've been through it too
I have a way of pin pointing
driving deep into the heart of any
but before I am able to give the full
measure of what it is
I need a moment to think
my mind and my mouth
don't necessarily work in tandem
the beautiful thoughts in my head
don't always reach my lips
with the same wavelength
the same articulation
words escape me
but the vision is broad
and expansive
I see the truth
if not
my Sagittarian arrow
doesn't land far from the target
gut instincts
have brought me through
the roughest of patches
I am trustworthy
yet I hardly trust anyone
I listen and watch
not with the intention to
confirm a negative assumption
but to see the real
am I able to accept
you for who you are
or not
even in that I've still been known
to play with snakes
cross into arenas where
there are
nothing but red flags
paving the way
third eye wide
psychic risk taker
you know intelligence
prone to doing dumb shit
don't know why
I can't call it
I'm just wired that way
it's not an easy task to reprogram
deprogram yourself
but it's worth the the effort
the work
the struggle
to know thyself is enlightenment
to understand yourself
is to understand others